A Brief Outline

Our renewal process is automatic and the system will send out quotes at the appropriate time. Seventy five (75) days before your expiry date, an email will be sent to our main contact containing a quote for the renewal, this will be based upon the previous year's P11D licence. If we have not heard back after 15 days, a reminder will be issued, and we will also include the billing contact in that communication - this is just in case the main contact details have changed and we have not been informed.

If we have still not heard anything after 30 days, we will try to reach out to any other contacts that we have in the hope of moving things on or collecting new contact information.

If you have reason to believe the contact details we have are no longer up to date, please send an email to support@p11dorganiser.co.uk to confirm your new details.

I have received the quote, what do I do?

Once you have seen the quote and have confirmed it is correct and good to go, you would need to click the Provide PO Number button at the top of the page. This will allow you to enter your PO information which will be added to your invoice.

Once you have provided this information, an invoice will be sent to the email address entered when completing the form, and to our main billing contact. This process will also mean you will have continued access to the system for the rest of the currently active licence period.

What if I don't provide the information?

If we have not heard back by the time your licence expires, you WILL be invoiced in line with our T&Cs - you need to let us know 30 days before expiry if you intend to cancel!

What if I don't pay the invoice within the agreed terms?

If we haven't received payment about a week before the agreed payment terms, we'll reach out to both our contacts to provide a polite 'nudge' - we really need payments to arrive within our terms.

Unfortunately, If we have not received payment within the agreed terms, we will restrict access to the software until such time as the payment arrives. To lift the suspension on the account, you either need to make the payment or discuss the reason for non-payment with the finance team (0161 820 7113).