The P11D Organiser produces .XML files which are submitted to the HMRC Government Gateway as end of year submissions and mid-year P46(car) submissions.

As part of the HMRC Filing process, the software runs validation checks on the data. Should there be any erroneous records discovered during the test or live submission processes, the system provides functionality to email a copy of the .XML file so that it can be opened and viewed outside of the P11D Organiser system.

Follow these steps to email yourself a copy of the .XML file:

1.  Select the HMRC Filing menu > 3. EOY Filing By Internet - FBI  screen

2. Click the Email button

3. Enter the required "Email To" address and click the Email button to send the email together with attachments.

You will now have successfully sent a copy of the .xml submission file and accompanying PDF submission report. 

Alternatively, you can create a copy of the XML file from the P11D Organiser "WWWFBI" folder.

1. Right mouse click your P11D Organiser desktop shortcut and select to "open the file location"

2. Browse to and open the WWWFBI sub folder

3. Open the required Tax Year folder

4. Select the relevant XML file to be copied and R/H click to "Copy"

5. Finally, paste the file to a folder of your choice so that you can then open it to make the desired comparison. 

We recommend that you use MS Excel to view the XML file, however it can be viewed in other programs such as notepad or internet explorer etc.

Example - opened in EXCEL


Example - opened in NOTEPAD

Example - opened in INTERNET EXPLORER

MS Excel

We would recommend that you use MS Excel to view the .XML files as it provides an easy way of viewing the individual benefit records to establish which records have caused the error:


Open Excel & select File>Open

Select the XML file to Open


Confirm OK to open as an XML table

Confirm OK to Schema source

The XML file can now be viewed in a spreadsheet format and records navigated and viewed easily.