If you have taken the decision to upgrade from an onsite version of the P11D Organiser to the hosted/SaaS version, you will be asked to follow these instructions. Just for clarity, we will not ask you to put data on a memory stick or send it via email!

This process will take all of your existing P11D data and history, package it up, and then transfer it to our secure servers over an HTTPS (secure) connection. None of your data is 'touched' by our employees, it is placed in the correct location on our servers for your new 'hosted' version to pick up when commissioned.

Backing Up Data

Click on the Admin menu and select Backup P11D data to ZIP


On the next screen you will see a button at the bottom of the screen to Backup data to MyP11D.com will now be available - enter a description for the backup, and then click that button to start the process:



There are a number of stages to the process, initially building a zip file, and then initiating the transfer to our servers. You will see a message similar to the one below when the process is complete:


Your data is now securely stored in our datacentre and located in the protected location that will be used for your individual hosted provision. Once this process has completed, let the support team know (support@p11dorganiser.co.uk), and they can start the process of 'spinning up' your instance.

Once the commissioning has been finished, you will be sent user registration emails that will allow you to set up your secure password(s), and you will be asked to check that all your data is present and correct. We do not see your data, so a checking process is essential.

Please note: Once you have completed this process - no further data should be entered into your onsite version of the software.