Having run the system archive and begun the new Tax year process, the P11D Organiser automatically rolls forward all employee records from the previous Tax year. Benefit records are also offered to be merged during this "new year" process, a specific guide on this merging process is available here.

Certain users would prefer to remove all "leavers" inherited from previous Tax years and begin the new year process with just "current" employee records in the new Tax year, to achieve this...

1. Log into the "new" Tax year and select the "Setup filter" icon from the tool bar

2. Select filter options of "All employees with a date of leaving" and "Everybody" then click the "Filter" button to apply the selected filters (select This Employer to only delete employees from the current Employer).

3. The system will display a pop-up dialogue box to confirm the number of employees for the selected filter lookup, click OK to close the dialogue box.

4. Using your keyboard, press the following three keys simultaneously  Ctrl + D

5. From the resulting pop-up dialogue box, confirm Yes to delete this "lookup" of leaver employee records.

You will have now successfully deleted the employee records for all leavers for the tax year and for all employers in your system (based on that selection).