Although the P11D Organiser works well with Windows 10, we have had reports of the print driver failing after an upgrade from an earlier version of Windows and after certain Microsoft Windows Update processes have been run e.g. Anniversary Updates. With error codes like Printer Error -30 or xmsg.prg does not exist to name a few.


The solution is to simply 'reinstall' the Amyuni print driver from within the installation - just follow these steps:

Find the location of the P11D Organiser installation by right-clicking on the icon you normally use to start the software and select 'Properties':

Then from the next window, select the 'Open File Location' button at the bottom:

Locate the 'Install' directory and open that

Double click on the Workstation.EXE file to start the installer - *** you will need to have Admin rights to complete this part ***

When the installer starts, click 'Next', Accept the Licence Agreement, and on the next screen, select the 'Repair an existing installation' in the lower left corner and click 'Next'

The Amyuni driver will then be reinstalled:-  

Amyuni Document Converter – Click “OK” to proceed when the last line shown in the graphic below is visible

.....and then when the workstation installer has completed, click 'Finish'.

The reporting functionality of your installation of P11D Organiser should now function as expected.


You can ensure you have the latest Workstation installer by clicking the button below (Workstation Installer Only)