Archiving data

The aim of archiving is to clean up the system databases on a 'per tax year' basis. The archive screen gives you the option to defer this process until you have finished preparing and submitting the previous tax year's return. Archiving only marks a tax year as 'complete' to avoid accidental changes to data - archived year's records CAN still be accessed and changes CAN be made to them. (A warning pop-up message will be displayed).

To start the archiving process, locate the 'Tools' menu at the top of the Organiser, highlight "Year End" and select 2 Archive P11D Data.

To proceed with the process...

  1. Select "Yes" to answer the warning question related to archiving.
  2. Click to select "Backup DATA folder" (optional but recommended) 
  3. 3. Click OK

Note: The option to "Backup DATA folder" is a recommended precaution as it will provide you with a snapshot of your system's data before the archive process runs should you ever need to restore back to the data set from that point in time. If selected, the Backup screen will be displayed...

Backing up the data

1. Enter some text to describe the reason for the backup file (optional) and Click OK

2. Click "Yes" to the confirmation pop-up message (backup confirmation)

3. Click "Yes" to the confirmation pop-up message (successfully written)

4. Click "Yes" to the confirmation pop-up message (archive all P11D data)

The Archive stage of this process is now complete, and the system will then proceed to the merge step/functionality.