Data Export

The P11D Organiser system is licensed to allow access for a specific licence period and will deny access after this point. Should you wish to no longer licence the system it is recommended that you export the historical data whilst you still have access to the system - this would be for future reference and compliance. Some background information and our general support document for reports (including data extracts) is HERE

You will need to export data to file for each and every company in your system and for each and every Tax year, here is the easiest way to go about this:

1. Select the Printer icon

2. Click the "Export benefits" icon

3. Click "Yes" to the confirmation pop-up dialogue box that is then displayed.

4. Select a file type of XLSX from the drop-down selection 

5. Select a location to save the reports to using the "browse" icon

6. Click "OK" to save the files.

This will then save a XLSX file for each reported section of the P11D for the selected Tax year to the chosen export folder.

You will need to repeat this process for each company (PAYE ref) in your system and for each Tax year until all relevant Tax years have been reported.

P11Ds Export

In addition to the P11D benefit categories export process, you may also decide to export a PDF file containing of all the employee's P11D Facsimiles. This will give you a per company, per tax year PDF of the actual P11D form for each employee. To perform this function...

1. Select the Printer icon

2. Select the Employee reports option and select the report name of "P11D Facsimile" and click "Next"

3. Select the "Scope" setting as "This Employer" and click "Next"

4. Select the "Report to" option of Save to file and click "Finish"

5. Select the "Save in folder" location to save the PDF to and click "OK"

The system will display a pop-up dialogue box to confirm that the files have been created successfully. 

You will need to repeat this process per Company (PAYE Ref) per Tax year for each historical Tax year desired.

The resulting files will be available in the chosen export folder. You may choose to separate these out into separate company/tax year folders for convenience.