As publishing to individual files creates a report for each employee rather than one big file containing a report for everyone, downloading those reports from Data Exchange may prove time consuming or tricky if you're not careful. Therefore, it is best practice to create a folder in Data Exchange so that there is a single place where you can get the reports from.

To create such folder simply go to the Downloaded Files section of DataExchange and press New Folder. After that all you have to do is name the folder you're about to create and press OK. Once the process is completed you will see the folder will appear in your file list.

Once you are ready to retrieve your individual reports, on the last screen of the Reports Wizard select Publish to individual files and click the Finish button.

(If you need a refresher on how reporting works click on the following link which will take you to one our articles.

On the screen that follows click on the Show [DOWNLOADS] button to display all of the files and folders, if the window isn't expanded already. Then, locate and select the folder that you have just created (by double clicking on it) and press OK. The Organiser will go through the process of creating the individual reports and placing them in the selected folder.

Finally, to download the folder and all the files that are inside of it simply go back to the DataExchange page, select the folder by ticking he box on the left-hand side of the folder and press Download.

This will then ZIP up all the files and the folder and download them to your local PC (in the browser downloads).