The hosted version of the P11D Organiser has a few basic requirements of the PC which will be accessing the software. 

Operating System 

This needs to be a minimum of Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3 installed. However any Microsoft Windows operating system subsequent to this will work with the solution. The PC will also need to have a version of the Dot.Net framework later than 3.5 installed. In a majority of cases this will already be installed, as it is part of the standard Windows Update process. Should you need to install this, it is available from the Microsoft Download site on the web. 


The Hosted P11D Organiser solution needs to be accessed from within Internet Explorer on your PC – please note that it will not work with Google Chrome or Firefox. This is primarily due to the enhanced security functions and the use of a Microsoft ActiveX control. Internet Explorer version 11 is now the only supported version of this browser.

Please ensure that ActiveX filtering is turned OFF (unchecked) in the safety settings.

Trusted Sites

The final element is to configure the browser to connect to the hosted service over a secure connection, this means adding the address to the trusted sites of the browser. 

To accomplish this, select ‘Internet Options’ from within Internet Explorer and select the ‘Security’ tab.

once open, click on the ‘Trusted Sites’ link

and finally select the ‘Sites’ button to configure a trusted site

You will then be presented with a dialog that allows the entry of new trusted sites. Enter in the page and click ‘Add’.

When complete, click ‘close’ and then OK. You should now be all set to log into the My P11D portal at