The hosted version of the P11D Organiser offers all the functionality of the standard product, without the hassle of installation and maintenance. This is a quick guide to using the Hosted P11D Organiser system, and is intended to get you up and running as quickly as possible. All of the icons and tools in the system have “tool tips” enabled which clearly describe their functions.

System Access

You will have been emailed an invite to set up your account on the portal - once you have completed the process you will have access to two areas of functionality:

  • The DataExchange system
  • The P11D Organiser

When you have logged in, the DataExchange screen and the P11D Organiser will be launched in two separate browser tabs for you to begin operation - should the P11D Organiser tab not open automatically, this can be started from the Launch P11D Organiser button

or by using the same item from the menu in the top right of the DataExchange tab.



As the P11D Organiser software is running on our servers, the DataExchange function allows you to securely upload and download information to our servers - there is a more detailed help guide on DataExchnage here.

There are three main tabs within the interface:

1. Downloaded Files

This tab shows the files that you have uploaded to the system and also provides the 'Upload...' function. You can upload .CSV, .XLS, .XLSX, .PNG, .BMP, files .JPG using this function. Uploading files to this area makes the files available in the P11D Organiser for importing. 

2. Uploaded Files

This tab list the files that you have saved from the P11D Organiser software, any of the files can be downloaded to your computer by using the download function on the right of the screen.

When you use the 'Upload...' function you will be offered the opportunity to select the files you want to upload using a standard dialogue (you can select multiple files) and they will be uploaded - you should see a confirmation dialogue similar to the one below.

Using the P11D Organiser

From this point on, you can follow the standard Quick Start guide: P11D Organiser Quick Start Guide