SaaS/Hosted P11D Organiser customers now have the ability to use Single Sign On for the MyP11D.com web site and the hosted version of the P11D Organiser. This will mean that they can 'link' and existing user on the SaaS P11D Organiser with an external authentication authority such as Office 365, Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

Please note that to link an exiting account, you must already be a user on the SaaS/Hosted solution, and the email address used to sign into MyP11D.com MUST be the the same as the one on the authentication service. For example, if your username for MyP11D.com is firstname.surname@customer.co.uk, then the Office 365 or Google account you wish to use must ALSO be firstname.surname@customer.co.uk.

Linking an Account

The steps for creating the link are:

  1. Log into MyP11D.com using your existing username and password
  2. Once logged in, on the DataExchange page, you will now see a SSO button in the top left of the screen
  3. Now click on the icon for the service you wish to use (Microsoft or Google) and you will be taken to the authentication screen for the chosen service (below left is Microsoft, below right is Google)
  4. These dialogues will either allow you to select an account profile if already in use, or to link to another account profile if you so choose
  5. Pick the account you wish to link and continue
  6. If you need to authenticate the account, provide the email address and password (and 2FA code if in use) as necessary
  7. You will get a message to say the account has been successfully linked

You can tell that you have signed in to the system using SSO, as the SSO indicator in the top left will be highlighted, and showing whether Microsoft or Google has been used.

Logging to MyP11D.com once linked

When you land at the MyP11D.com login page, you can now select to log in using your existing username and password, or by clicking on the relevant SSO option (Google or Microsoft).

If you use the SSO buttons, and the linked account has already been authenticated in the browser, you will be taken directly to the DataExchange page of MyP11D.com. If the account is not logged in, you will be asked to log into the relevant Microsoft or Google account first before being logged in.

Unlinking/Signing Out a Linked Account

Should you wish to remove the link between your Google/Microsoft account and MyP11D.com at any point, this can be accomplished by clicking on the unlink/sign out option in the SSO box in the top left.

Mandatory SSO

On written request, we can set an account to ONLY allow SSO - this will mean that users are forced to set up SSO, and once complete, they can ONLY sign in via SSO (i.e. username and password will not work)