View only and Modify Only Modes for P11D Organiser


Although a majority of our customers user the P11D Organiser in the default ‘full user’ mode (allows access to all the functionality of the software), there are certain times when more limited access is required within an organisation. 

There are two other modes that can be configured on a per user basis:

  • Search, view and reprint benefit information
  • Search, modify and reprint benefit information 

Both of these modes require the user to know the payroll number of the employee that they are wishing to review within the system. The aim is to prevent ‘blanket’ browsing of employees and benefits and reduce interaction to specific instances.

Allocating User Roles

To allocate a more restricted role to a user, one needs to log into the P11D Organiser using the ‘ADMIN’ function of the software – this will have been set up when you first installed the system, and may be restricted to IT or a specific user. To log in to the ‘ADMIN’ role from the main login screen, overtype the user name with ‘ADMIN’ and enter the associated password.

Once logged in, you will be presented with the system administrator’s screen that allows you to create, edit and manage user passwords and security settings – see below...

To alter the role with which a user can access the P11D Organiser, simply select the user you want to modify, and select ‘Edit’ from the buttons at the bottom. This will bring you directly to the user administration screen.

In most instances, the role will be set to ‘P11D Organiser full access’, however by selecting (double-clicking on an "Available role") you can change the user’s role/privileges. Note: Double-Click on the Selected Roles to de-select them and place them back in the Available Roles list.

Print Only Role can Search by Payroll and Reprint Benefits

With this option selected, the user must search for employees using the associated payroll number, and once found, will only be able to print (or preview to screen) the benefits or P11D for the chosen employee.

This role is designed to allow people not directly involved with the P11D process to be able to help out with queries and incoming questions or explanations – it stops them having free access to all employees, and restricts their ability to make changes.

When the user logs in when assigned this role, they will be presented with a search screen (see below):-

When the users enters a valid payroll number they will be presented with a results screen that allows them to choose the correct individual (sometimes customers work with multiple companies).

By selecting the employee and clicking ‘Print’, the user will be taken to a screen which allows them to print (or preview) any of the relevant reports for that employee – most people view the P11D to screen.

Click NEXT 

This will take you to the screen where you can choose to: print to screen or printer, Save to a file location or Email the report.

Click Finish to complete the action.

Modify Only Role can Search by Payroll and Modify Benefits and Employee Details and P

This options is set up, and functions in exactly the same manner as the ‘Search and Print’ role, however once an employee is found, instead of only being able to only print/view the benefits, you will be taken to the employee in question, but allowed full rights to edit and change benefit details for that sole employee.