At the end of the installation process, the system will attempt to register and activate the installation with the P11DOrganiser’s web service.

The activation screen will be displayed as below:

Enter your serial number and company name exactly as per the joining pack or registration email, (the company name is case sensitive) once entered, clicking on the “OK” button will check your details with the registration server and complete the rest of the activation process.  Should the information not be exactly as specified you will get the following message.

incorrect information provided 

If the system will not activate using the web service (you may be forbidden to access the internet because of your security settings/firewalls etc.) The system will display a series of pop-up dialogue boxes:-

could not establish web connection - 

allows manual registration, if this is a permanent failure

In these circumstances you will need to whitelist to allow for the system to activate and also inform you when new software has been made available for update. Whilst you are reviewing your communication restrictions it is worth checking that is also whitelisted.

Currently you also have the option to manually activate the software using the “Activation Key” provided in your joining pack/email or apply an XML file (preferable) but this is not recommended by default.

Using the provided XML file to activate your software

When you receive the registration email, you need to save the .xml attachment to a folder of your choice. Using the diskette icon, browse to the saved file and click Register.NB: You will need to have an XML file provided the same day as the activation process occurs. If this is not the case, please contact the support team to provide this to you.

If you have said Yes to manually enter your registration details, you get the following screen 

Once you have complete the information on that screen, click OK

Sample Activation Key


Having now successfully installed and registered the software, the main P11D Organiser program will launch for the first time and you will be presented with a login screen shown below:


User name - The software will create a username based on the Windows system login of the person that installed the program (probably a member of the IT Team). Over-type the username with the word ADMIN.

Password – Enter the “Initial password” that is provided in the joining pack/email to gain access the system for the first time and click “OK” to proceed.

Change Password - Having entered the “Initial password” the system will display a “Change Password” screen. Re-enter your “initial password” in the “Current password” field and then enter a password of your choice in the “New password” field and confirm it in the “Confirm password” field. Please note that the passwords are cAsE sensitive! This can contain upper and lower case characters and must be between 6 and 10 characters.


Once this process is complete, the software is fully installed and ready to use.

System users - You will now be required to set up your own user accounts and passwords for the intended P11D system users. The system will launch into the ADMIN role allowing you to do this. 

For further information on using the ADMIN screen and setting up user accounts, please refer to its own guidance notes here.