The P11D Organiser has a 'Admin' user account that allows you to add, remove and manage users within the system. The user ADMIN function can be accessed in two ways:

1. From the P11D Organiser login screen.  

From the P11D Organiser login screen, over type/replace the displayed User name with “ADMIN” (see below):

The Admin User password is set initially with the password that was provided by your software support provider. It will be necessary for a person within your own organisation to be designated "in charge" of the system’s ADMIN account - This can be by keeping safe the password for the Admin User or by adding the role to their own login credentials (see below). 

2. From within the software File menu - If you have added User Administration to your own login credentials, you can select '6 - User Administrator' option from the File menu.

Note:The ADMIN account only allows management of the users and security; it cannot be used to interact with the Employee and P11D benefit data. 

Adding/Editing Users

System Users

Having logged into the system with the "ADMIN" account a list of existing system users is displayed. This main system user screen allows the user records to be added, edited or deleted. 


Adding new users

Details Tab

Over-type the NEWUSERID with a new User name and also enter a Password for the user account. User title and email address are not mandatory fields.

Security Tab

Having completed the "Details" tab, click to select the "Security" tab to make additional security settings. Here you can chose to check/uncheck the "Force Password Change" option to either allow the user to set their own password on first use, or keep the password that has already been created for them. 

The default password age is 180 days and can be changed to fit with your own company policy. You can also set password length, reset password reminder days, how many times users can try to log in with an incorrect password etc. 

Roles Tab

By default, the user’s Roles are set to access and use the P11D Organiser only (Role 1. P11D Organiser) This default setting does not include the additional system functionality that may be required to submit end of year FBI or mid-year P46 Car returns to the Government Gateway. You can enable these "Roles" for a person who managed the Filing By Internet for the company or who is allowed to backup/restore data in the system, or manages a user's logins and privileges etc 

You can edit allocated ‘roles’ as required – those in the top of the list are selected, those at the bottom are available. To move items from available to active, just double click on the role and it will move to the appropriate area. A typical P11D Organiser user will have roles 1, 4 and 5 selected.

The ‘roles’ available to set per user are:

  1. P11D Organiser – normal user of the system 
  2. Print Only – further info later in this guide - "restricted user accounts"
  3. Modify Only – further info later in this guide - "restricted user accounts"
  4. HMRC Filing – Ability to access the file menu and make HMRC for P11D EOY and P46(car) submissions
  5. System Administrator – Admin features such as data backup & restore etc.
  6. User Administrator – User admin (managing user accounts/roles/passwords etc)

User Management

User Locked out

Below is an example of the display when a user has been locked out (e.g. 3 failed attempts with an incorrect password) The ADMIN account can unlock a locked user account by clicking on the “Unlock” button

User passwords can also be reset using the “Edit” option and security tab to un-tick the “User has been locked out” flag.

Logged In users 

The screenshot below shows an example where users are currently "logged in" to the system. Currently logged in sessions can be logged off, or specific users can be locked out if necessary.

Restricted User Accounts 

The user account screen below displays an account that has been set to a restricted role to only allow “Search payroll and reprint benefits”. Using this restricted role, users can search by payroll number and only print a P11D benefits statement for a single employee .

Here is a screenshot of a person who is restricted to “Search payroll and modify benefits”. The user can search by payroll number but can actually modify a person’s benefit. The user is restricted on being able to access any other areas of the system so as to not be able to make global company wide adjustments etc.