The P11D Organiser has the ability to connect up to certain payroll and HR systems to exchange data. This could simply be to gather employee information, but could also include collecting or sending car information and even sending documents to self-service systems.

The Workday Connector if a 'full fat' version that both retrieves and publishes information. As Workday is a hosted/web-based solution, the connection from the P11D Organiser is achieved via webservice communications. In the majority of instances these are public webservices, meaning there is no particular Workday configuration involved in getting the connection made .

However, the Workday administrator (or integrator) will need to set up a tenant name, user, and password within the system that is configured to allow access to the required webservices. The three services in use to collect information for the standard connector are:

Web Service
Workday DomainXML
Financial_ManagementGet_Company_Organizations_RequestSet Up: Company General
Financial_ManagementGet_Company_Tax_Details_RequestSet Up: Tax
Human_ResourcesGet_Workers_RequestWorker Data: Public Worker Reports
Human_ResourcesGet_Former_Workers_RequestFormer Worker Storage

When the connection is made the P11D Organiser will interrogate Workday for the PAYE references in use, and use those to populate the employees. If there are multiple PAYE references in use, these can be allocated on a many-to-many basis.

The initial connection will gather ALL the employee information, but after that, subsequent connections will only bring back changes (leavers, starters, changes of details etc). The process is run manually and can be run as often as necessary.

If the option to publish documents to the Workday self-service is switched on, the P11D Organiser will send completed benefits statements or P11D facsimiles to the Workday system as 64 bit encoded PDFs. The P11D Organiser maintains the 'latest version' on the employee's site, deleting any previous version before uploading the new version. The webservices in use are as follows, allowing the documents to be added to either 'Tax Documents' or 'Worker Documents' areas in Workday:

Web Service
Workday Domain
Put_Worker_Document_RequestWorker Data: Add Worker Documents
Worker Data: Edit and Delete Worker Documents

Set Up: Payroll OR Payroll Interface

The Workday system needs to be configured to accept a 'document type' in one of these areas - we'd suggest names of "P11D" and "Benefit Statement".

The Workday Connector can be used alongside either the onsite or SaaS/Hosted version of the P11D Organiser, but it is a facility that needs to be licenced and maintained separately to the main application.