We have improved the way users can manage their display when using the Hosted/SaaS version of the P11D Organiser. Usually the system looks at the size of your browser window and adjusts accordingly, however with some users working remotely and with lower resolution displays, navigation of the software can be challenging on some screens.

This new feature allows the user to select how the display is sized from the user interface:

There are three options, which behave as detailed below:

  • Fixed Resolution: This option sets a standard resolution of 1280x768, although this is quite a low resolution, it should mean you have full control of the software, even on small/old laptops
  • Full Screen: This option looks at the size of your screen, then scales that to fit within the space available in your browser window - this is useful when your browser has toolbars and options enabled
  • In Browser: This is the default option and will simple scale the P11D Organiser to fit in the available space in the browser - this is normally the best option.

The system should remember you setting, so just clicking the Launch P11D Organiser button will normally be fine.

Browser Zoom

Please note that you can set a 'zoom' size in a browser window, and this setting is persistent, meaning every time you launch the MyP11d.com web site, the display will be zoomed, which may cause issues with navigation - if you have such problems, ensure the zoom for the tab is set to 100%.