When you use the hosted P11D Organiser, running from our ISO27001 accredited data centres, you use a specific way of getting data to and from your network (for security reasons we would never want to connect to your networks). Therefore, you use the DataExchange - this is your 'personal' secure holding area on our servers that you access over HTTPS.

The short video below will run you through a quick demonstration, and the support information is detailed below as a walk-through.


Once logged into the MyP11D portal, you will land in the DataExchange area - this is where you upload and download your data / files. The two main  tabs are pretty self explanatory:

This is also where you Launch the P11D Organiser (button towards the top right); this will open the application a separate browser tab - you should be able to switch between DataExchange and the P11D Organiser as much as you like.


To get data onto the server ready for import, simply click on the Uploaded Files tab and then select the Upload... button - you will then be presented a standard Windows file browser window which will let you select from you local PC or network. You can import .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .txt, .jpg and .png files.

Once you select for file and click Open, you will get a dialogue showing that the file has been successfully uploaded and you'll see it in the file list in DataExchange.

If you now switch the the P11D Organiser, you will find the file ready to be imported via the P11D Organiser import wizard.


When you have documents you want to get out of the P11D Organiser, you follow the normal reports process, and at the last stage, you would select File at the last stage

You will then be presented with a confirmation dialogue that confirms the user name and the file name that will be used - clicking OK will save the file into the Download Files area of DataExchange.

From here you can download the file to your local machine/network drives for opening and printing.