Additional Login Security for Hosted Application Users

We now offer 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), sometimes referred to as 2 Step Verification (2SV), as an additional security measure to our hosted application customers when logging into the Myp11D portal. 

Customers may already use this on other systems as it adds ‘something you have’ to the authentication process. Using a smartphone app (either iOS or Android), you will be able to further secure your account details by adding the requirement to enter a passcode each time (or day) you login.

The software has been engineered using industry standard technology, meaning that standard authenticator apps will work (we have tested this with some well known apps - Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and Authy).

If your organisation wants to have 2 Factor Authentication turned on for your account, your system administrator should get in touch with the P11D Organiser support team via email ( in the first instance, and then use the following instructions to set up your own personal additional security layer.

2FA /MFA Setup

Once this option has been enabled for your organisation, users will see an additional option towards the upper left of their DataExchange page entitle 2FA. Until set up, the 'shield' icon in the button will be greyed out (see example below):

Clicking the button will take you to the Authentication set up screen, showing a QR code and a manual entry option

Add this account to your chosen authentication app and click OK - you will notice that the icon on the button will now be 'highlighted' - see example below.

Please note that if you are adding the account the the Microsoft Authenticator app you need to select 'Other account (Google, Facebook, etc.) as the account type you are adding.

Should you ever need to view the activation code again, simply click on the shield icon. You are advised to log out of to complete the process and verify the security.

Logging in with 2FA Turned On

Next time you log into, 2FA will now be fully functioning for this user. Navigate to the usual login page ( - enter your username and password as normal, and you will then be presented with the 2FA challenge screen.

Enter the time-bound authentication code as generated by your chosen authenticator app - If it is validated correctly, you will be logged in and see the DataExchnage page as normal.

Should you so choose, you can check the Trust This Browser for 24 hours button, which will mean you are not asked for the 2FA code again that day.

Disabling 2FA

For security reasons, there is no way for the individual user to disable 2FA - that can only be accomplished by your system Administrator contacting the support team ( with a written request.