In this article you will be taken through the process of attaching a custom covering letter to the employee reports. This guide assumes that you have Microsoft Word installed on your machine, as it is a requirement for cover letter functionality to work.

The attached sheet works on a basis of “fields” which will automatically fill out appropriate information based on the name of the fields that are included in the document. The fields will be identified in the document through the use of chevrons e.g. <<forename>>.

Please find attached an example benefit statement covering letter which you can use as a demonstration sheet to see how the functionality works.

Selecting a report
To get started, you will first need to select a report from the reports wizard. To access it simply click on the printer icon as shown below or go to the top of the Organiser and click File -> Reports Wizard.Table

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Select one of the following reports from the list and click Next.

Select the scope of people for which you want to create the report and the method that you want to use for reporting (e.g. Save to file for the current lookup). With that set, simply click Finish. 

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Attaching covering letter

After selecting the report method, you will then be met with a window in which you will be able to attach the covering letter. Navigate to see “Select Covering letter” and either tick the box or click the ‘…’ button.

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A window will follow which will allow you to select the custom file you have created and append it to the report. Navigate to where you have stored the file and press ‘Ok’.

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Below is a table of most common field replacements that would be found in a cover letter:

Combined GreetingsCover Letter Replacement Code
Forename & Surname (e.g. John Smith)
Title & Surname (e.g. Miss Jones)
Title & Forename & Surname (e.g. Mr Ian White)

FieldsCover Letter Replacement Code
Forename & Surname<<Forename+Surname>>
Title & Surname<<Title+Surname>>
Title & Forename & Surname<<Title+Forename+Surname>>
Address Line 1<<Adr_1>>
Address Line 2<<Adr_2>>
Address Line 3<<Adr_3>>
Address Line 4<<Adr_4>>
Payroll Number<<Payroll>>
National Insurance Number<<NI_Number>>
Date of Commencement<<DOC>>
Date of Leaving<<DOL>>
Cost Centre<<Costcentre>>
User Defined 1<<User_1>>
User Defined 2<<User_2>>

Example attached sheet

Attached sheet in 'raw' format

Attached sheet with employee data