The system can be used to generate individually addressed emails, attaching a PDF version of the chosen Employees Benefits statement report. The system will send the emails to the email addresses saved in the employee records.

YouTube Video

There is a video we have produced that shows the basic process for emailing.

Using Filters

The system allows you to apply a series of "filters" to narrow down the database of employees held in the system to create an "active lookup" of employees with distribution/delivery of the P11D Benefit Statement in mind. 

Filters can be applied for a number of criteria such as current employees, leavers, employees WITH/WITHOUT email addresses etc so as to exactly define a lookup and then use this lookup to email or print reports etc top this specific batch of employees.    

Email text

The system allows you to create the body of text for the outgoing emails and, in the case of Benefit Statements, it will also allow you to add text into the document and use your company logo. (Separate support article here)

Below is a step-by-step guide to create a lookup of employees to email their P11D Benefit Statements. 

The considerations here are:

a) Employees WITH benefits to report


b) Employees WITH an email address saved to their employee record 


c) Employees that have a Date Of Leaving saved to their employee record

Selecting employees - Build a filtered list for emailing

1. Select the lookup for Build List of Employees with Benefits and an Email Address

The resulting list of employees is your email distribution list (All employees WITH a benefit to report AND who have an email address to use) 

What if I Want Remove Leavers from the Lookup?

You would use the Filter tool from the left toolbar after having created the list (as above).

Use the "leaver" selections below to take employees out of the active lookup - if you don't want to issue the email to an inbox they no longer have access to and would prefer to print/post the "leavers" P11D's

You will now have a precise capture of current employees with benefits and email addresses so you can now proceed to the Reports Wizard clicking the (Printer icon)

Sending the Email

Having now created our specific "Active Lookup" of matching records, we can use the "scope" setting in the reports wizard to generate the report specifically for this batch of people.  

1. Select the employee report that you wish to send from the Employee report list - typically P11D Facsimile or Benefits Statement and click Next

2. Set the scope to This Lookup (your filtered list) & click NEXT

3. Set the Report to as Email and click Finish

4. The Email text entered previously will then be displayed in the body of the email received by the employees. 


5. Click on the Email button from the email screen to send the first email, the system will then confirm and offer to automatically send the remaining email (in alphabetical order)

Clicking the Rest button from the previous screen will also send the remaining emails 

6. The system will confirm that the emails have been sent successfully What