Use the following steps to remove the old tax year information that you require. There are a few steps involve in this, but it generally falls into 2 categories – Application Data and Documents.


To remove data from the live database you need to go to Admin > Purge Data (you will need the System Admin Role to gain access to the Admin section of the menu - see our guide on managing users and roles here).

In the bottom left-hand corner of the form, you can set how many years you want to MAINTAIN in the system. A majority of customers would keep '6 + 1 years', so the setting would be 7. The software will display any years of data that are in your system that are OUTSIDE that range - in this example, with a current tax year of 2023/2024 selected, that would mean that 2014/2015, 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 would all need to be 'purged' and are therefore available for deletion.

Years have to be deleted one at a time, and always oldest first. So, in the above example, we'd select 2014/2015 and click Purge. A confirmation dialogue will appear to which you need to respond Yes.

You will see the deletion progress in the window above the button, and then the system will then ask about deleting the next year in the list, and so on.

Clean Up

There are a number of documents that are created during normal operation of the system. The main locations that the system uses are shown below (visible from root application folder)

The Purge routine deletes these residual files related to that tax year too, but you need to also consider that later backups also have this data in (see DATABACKUP Folder) and also where you may keep your own historical import and other report files away from the main application area.

However, please consider if you have taken any manual backups or stored backups away from the system, as these will need deleting as well.