Setting Up Filters

The Setup Filter is a function that allows you to define a specific search for employers with a selection of specific search criteria.


The three filter tabs include a selection of filters to achieve a lookup of employees/records including:

Setup Filter

  • Leavers
  • Starters
  • Live (current) employees 
  • Employees WITH P11D/P9D Benefits
  • Employees WITHOUT P11D/P9D benefits 
  • Employees With Non-taxable benefits
  • Blank, temporary or invalid NI Numbers
  • Duplicate NI Numbers
  • Printed P11Ds/Unprinted P11D's
  • Employees with modified benefits and expenses
  • Employee records with/without email addresses
  • Employee records set as exempt from Class 1A NIC

More Options
The filter criteria can be defined for a particular "scope" of employees and can also be set for a user-defined period, for example:-
  • Leavers with a data of leaving within the selected or current Tax year
  • With Benefits Statement NOT printed TODAY
  • With a modified date between  specific date range <SET DATE RANGE>

Benefit Sections

Allocated records for a specific benefit section 

Multiple selections (e.g. employees with Cars and Medical Health) may be made by keeping the SHIFT key held down.

Pressing the Filter button returns the list of employees matching the chosen filter criteria.

Multiple filters

Having achieved a particular filtered "lookup" you are able to return to the setup filter and apply a further or additional filter to the current "Active lookup" e.g. firstly achieve a lookup of "Leaver" employee records, return to the setup filter and select the scope setting as "active lookup"  then select a second filter condition of "WITH benefits and expenses"  You will then have achieved a new specific "active lookup" of leavers who also have benefits assigned to them. This lookup could then be used to "Print" a benefit statement for them all for posting out to their last known home address. 

Using filters to email benefit statements to a batch of employees all of whom HAVE an email address

1. Select the appropriate filter & click the filter button

2. System confirms the number of records for the filter

3. Select the reports wizard (printer icon) and the desired report - click NEXT

4. Select scope as "This lookup" and click NEXT

5. To add an email message that you wish to use as the email body text/message - click the email notes icon

6. Enter the email message that you wish to use as the email body text/message - & click SAVE

7. To begin the process to send out the emails, just click Finish

8. The system will display the first of the emails to be sent, this will be the first employee sorted alphabetically by Surname - click EMAIL to send the emails out!