The system allows you to create the body of text for the out-going emails and in the case of Benefit Statements, it will also allow you to add text into the document. 

To add the email body text, select your preferred report that you will be sending e.g. P11D Facsimile or Benefits Statement, 

In the Reports Wizard, click the "USER DEFINED EMAIL MESSAGE" button and enter your email text into the Notes box (screen shot below).The text can be either keyed in directly to the notes text box, copied (Ctrl C) and pasted (Ctrl V) from another document.(e.g. word document)

Click on the Save button to save the content for that report and Save all to use the same text for all emails for that employer.  

If you are issuing a Benefits Statement to your employee, you can also add text to the letter you send. Using the USER DEFINED NOTES button, any notes saved will appear as a body of text on the chosen employee report/statement.