Sometimes when you try to run a report or make a submission, you may get a message similar to the one below:

Whichever of the following two reasons are the case, the first course of action is to double check the number of employees with benefits in your system - the guide below will walk you through this.

How do I check how many P11Ds I need on my licence?

If you find the number of employees with benefits is greater than your licence, you will need to contact PAS Ltd for an increase (0161 820 7113)


The reasons for the message could be:

1. You are trying to run a report/submission that is in excess of your licence

When you try to build a report or submit information to HMRC, the P11D Organiser looks at the report you are building and compares that to your licence, if your licence has been exceeded, you will get the message. The system keeps a log of how many 'P11Ds' have been issued to employees, so in the example above one P11D has been issued but you have requested a report that exceeds the 99 you have available for that licence.

2. You have deleted a range of benefits

As indicated above, the system keeps a log of the employees that have had benefits assigned and the P11Ds that have been created. If you have assigned a range of benefits to employees, issued them and the deleted them, the system can miscount the number you have created (as they were technically issued). In this instance we need to get the software to 'refresh' the licence. To do this you need to get to any 'Reports/Print' screen, and then click Control + Shift + L - you will see a message similar to the one below, simply click 'Yes' and the count will be re-established.