On occasion, you may be required to check on when exactly you sent your P11Ds to either HMRC or to your employees. This article will help you with this.

How do I check when I sent P11Ds to Employees

First, go to the Reports Wizard, this can be accessed by going to File > Reports Wizard

Once in the wizard, at the bottom left, click on the View Sent ItemsĀ button (envelope with a letter next to it).

This will present a list of all sent items and thus, a list of sent P11D forms.

How do I check when I sent P11Ds to HMRC?

First, go to the HMRC tab, to do this, go to HMRC Filing > 3. EOY Filing By Internet - FBI

If you have sent P11Ds within the tax year you are in, you will see the date presented here: