This guide will run you through the steps of how to set up emailing using Gmail OAuth. While the process is simple it is important to take time and review and select the options that suit you the most.

Step by step guide

STEP 1 - Navigate to the settings

To navigate to the email settings, click on the “Admin” option at the top bar of the organiser and select “Global Email Configuration”.

STEP 2 - Configure the system

In the following window there will be drop down box labelled “Email System”. Click on the box and select “Google GMAIL". 

By default the system will send from 'your' address, if you want to send on behalf of another mailbox (or shared mailbox) then enter the account you are sending on behalf of in the relevant box (please note, the ability for you to send on behalf of another address is something that needs to be configured in Office 365 by your administrators).

If you are wanting the name that appears on the mail to be different, or you want to apply a different reply to address, that can also be completed here.

STEP 3 - Sign-in to your account 

Once you have the correct email system selected, you can test it by clicking on the “Sign in with Google” button at the bottom of the window ("Sign in with Google" button will ask you to select the account you want to use every time you use it).


STEP 4 - Edit and send test email

After you signed into your account in the “Single Sign On” window, the window will close and the email window will open, in which you will be able to edit the body of the email and change some of the parameters - like the recipient or the subject. Once you’re happy with how everything looks, click on the “Email” button and check the inbox where you have sent the email.

If the test was successful, you will be presented  with a screen similar to the one below:

Ensure you click the OK button on the configuration screen to save the new settings.