There may be a circumstance where you would like to update all the email addresses for employees of one of more employer, perhaps due to re-brand or acquisition (e.g. from [employees] to [employees]

If you are not maintaining this information via the regular update from another system (e.g. HR/Payroll). then rather than having to manually edit all of this information, you can make this a much quicker process as demonstrated below.


We have a company "PAS Demo Employer" with 16 employees, all employees have an email address ending with "" but we have now purchased a new domain called "" and now want to update all employees to match the new domain.

First, click the "build a list of employees for this employer" button:

As you can see, all the employees have an email address ending with ""

We need to export these employees - go into the reports wizard (just click the printer icon from the above screen, or File > Import Wizard) and then "List all employees with associated details [tax year]"

Click Next (select this Employer) and Save to file with your chosen file type (in this example I have used XLSX), you will then have an exported list of employees within your system.

Open this saved file and highlight the column with the emails, then press "CTRL + H" you will get the below, tab to replace, in the first option put your old domain and second your new one e.i.; 

Then press "Replace All"

Remove all columns apart from payroll number and email address and save the file. You're now ready to re-import the file in the employees section (ensure you select the UPDATE only) option, you will see your employees with a green colour code to denote the employees are being updated:

Follow the normal importing routine and FInish the import. If you then rebuild the list of employees, the email addresses have been updated but with "".