This quick start guide assumes that the software has already been installed and a username and password created (for the onsite version), or PAS Ltd has provisioned your account (for the hosted version). There is also a video walkthrough that may be of interest: P11D Organiser 2022 Video Walkthrough.



  1. Logging in
  2. Basic Navigation
  3. Adding/editing an employer
  4. Adding/editing an employee
  5. Importing employees
  6. Adding a benefit
  7. Importing benefits
  8. Viewing a P11D/Benefit Statement
  9. Issuing P11Ds to employees
  10. Viewing employer reports
  11. Submitting to HMRC


Logging In

Fairly self-explanatory – you will need to enter the username (or your email address) and password that you have been provided and select the ‘tax year’ in which to work. In general, you would select the most recent year when accessing the system, as you can always change that once logged in.


Basic Navigation

The P11D Organiser uses a combination of toolbars and traditional menus to facilitate navigation. The toolbar icons vary depending on the function selected (much like Microsoft Office), however they are broadly split into 4 areas:

  1. Employer functions
  2. Employee functions
  3. Lookups and Benefits
  4. Find

The screenshot below shows the menus in their default positions:


Adding or Editing an Employer

When the system was commissioned a default employer would have been created with the registration details that were provided, you can either edit these or create new ones. Select the Employer Icon from the top left, and then either the Edit or Add button from the bottom of the screen. The left-hand navigation menu allows you to add or edit different areas of the employer detail.


Adding or Editing an Employee

From the Find Employee screen (click on the Find icon), click on the Add button and then populate the fields on the screen. Again, there is a navigation panel on the left that allows you to access further details. You do not need to populate all the fields, but there are some that are considered essential (like name, NI Number, date of birth and gender).


Importing Employees

A majority of users populate their employee database using the import routines of the P11D Organiser. These routines can import data from CSV or Excel XLSX files, even sheets with multiple tabs. Your spreadsheet does not need to follow a specific template (although these are available), as long is it has the required information.

Navigate to File > Import Wizard, select the Employees tab, and the Employee details ADD UPDATE routine. Select the file you want to import, and click Open. If it is an XLSX file, select the tab containing your data and click OK. If you are using the Hosted version of the P11D Organiser, please review the DataExchange support page: DataExchange and the Hosted P11D Organiser

The next screen shows the columns of your spreadsheet on the left, and where the data is being mapped to on the right. The P11D Organiser would have tried to map based on the column name, so if you see ** EXCLUDED ** on the right, then that column is not yet mapped.

To map an excluded column, double click on the entry and you will be presented with a list of available database fields to select. Click on the field you want and confirm the mapping. Repeat the process for any data you want to import. When you are happy to proceed, click Next.

You will now get a preview of your data and where it is being mapped – if all is OK, click Next. If there is any data that the software is unhappy with, it will display a dialogue and show the issue, allowing you to correct it.

Once happy, click Finish and confirm the import, then when complete, click Cancel to close the import wizard.

To check the success of the import, click the Build List of All Employees for this Employer button, and you will see a list of your employees.


Adding a Benefit

To add a benefit to an employee, either double click someone in the list of employees, or use the find tool to locate the employee of choice. Then, from the Employee Toolbar, click the + button, select the section you wish to add, and you will be taken to the section overview of that employee. Click on the Add button in the bottom left, and either select an existing description, or click Add to create a new one. Once selected, click the OK button and complete the information and click Save to add it to the employee.


Importing Benefits

Importing benefit data follows exactly the same process as you followed for importing employee information, just select the benefit section into which you want to from the first stage of the import wizard. In most cases, you will need a spreadsheet that contains the NI number or payroll number (so the P11D Organiser can assign the benefit to the correct employee), a description and a cash equivalent. For some sections you will also need to and from dates. There are more details on what fields are available here: Importing data - What fields of data are available to import


Viewing a P11D/Benefits Statement

Now that you have both employees and benefits in the system, you can either preview these or issue reports. Select an employee (use the Find tool) and then click the little £ icon in the lower right corner – this will display all the benefits assigned to this employee.

You can then click on the Printer icon to initiate the Reports Wizard, from here you can view a range of employee reports (like P11D, Benefits Statement etc). Select the report of choice, and click Next, on the following screen select This Employee and Next again. Lastly, select Preview and click Finish – the system will preview the selected report in your chosen PDF viewer.


Issuing P11Ds to employees

When you want to issue P11Ds or Benefit Statements to your employees, the process is broadly similar to the above. However, first select the Employer icon in the top left to ensure you are working on the employer level. Then click on the little Printer icon, or select File > Reports Wizard. This will initially take you into the Employer Report area, we’ll come to this later, but select number one on the left menu to select employee reports, choose the report you want to issue, select This Employer and then the output option (file, printer, email etc).


Viewing employer reports

There are a range of reports available at the employer level that will allow you to check the data you have entered. Just as above, first select the Employer icon in the top left to ensure you are working on the employer level. Then click on the little Printer icon, or select File > Reports Wizard. You will then be presented with a list of employer level reports, but you can also select from benefit section reports or fleet reports.


Submitting to HMRC

Once you have got all your information into the P11D Organiser, the last step is to submit to HMRC. Select EOY Filing By Internet – FBI from the HMRC filing menu and you will taken to the main submission screen. Submission to HMRC is a two stage process, you have to Prepare, then Submit – each time you go to this screen you will need to Prepare first. When you click prepare, if you have not yet entered you Government Gateway credentials, you will asked to do so.

When the Prepare Submission routines is run, the P11D Organiser will check that the username and password are valid, and then display what is about to be submitted. If you are happy with this, select the Submit button and the P11D(b) and all the P11Ds will be sent to HMRC.