We have taken onboard the feedback from customers where they were sometimes getting confused about the 'dynamic' nature of the toolbars in the P11D Organiser. Previously, the toolbar at the top of the screen would alter dependant on what screen you may be viewing - however, this led to some customer believing tools had gone missing.

When combining this feedback with the general transition to wide-screen monitors, we decided to move the toolbars to a 'sidebar' location, thus optimising screen real estate as well as allowing greater clarity and separation of functions.

Basic Concept

We took the decision to separate the Employer toolbar and the Employee toolbar to bring clarity about what tools perform what function. The Left toolbar is all about the Employer, the Right toolbar is all about the Employee - this means that you get instant visual feedback about functions and what the apply to.

This has allowed us to surface more of the functions of the software and make them available as 'one touch' targets, but also to reinforce the basic architecture of the P11D Organiser, which is Employer > Employee > Benefits.

Find Toolbar

User feedback told us that a majority of users 'find' employees on the system, either by surname, NI number, or more usually, payroll number rather than scrolling through the list. We have therefore turned the Find window into a 'floating toolbar' that can remain on the screen all the times. This means that instead of having to navigate away from an employer or employee to perform a search, a quick click on the Find icon will bring up the Find Toolbar for immediate access.

You can still search across This Employer, Everybody or the Active Lookup by clicking on the toggle button on the left (see below).

Benefits Toolbar

We have also tried to surface some of the more powerful lookup and list building facilities in the software. Previously, users would have to use the Setup Filters tool to build these lists, but theses could sometimes be confusing and complex - equally, building the same search multiple times was time consuming.

We have therefore provided the Benefits Toolbar, which will allow instant access to a number of the more useful searches (like all employees with benefits, all employees with a specific benefit, or all employees without email addresses.

The Benefits Toolbar can be accessed by clicking on the Find icon.

Although this change makes building commonly used lists easier, we have kept the old Setup Filter option available, for those users that have more complex needs - this is still accessed from the Setup Filter tool in the employer toolbar.