In this years version of the SaaS/Hosted  P11D Organiser, we have updated the the system to allow you to send mail via your own Office 365 or Google account if you would prefer - previously, emails sent from our SMTP server were sent from The new facility would allow you to send from your own 'domain' (assuming you use Office 365 or Google) and the P11D Organiser will try to authenticate you with Microsoft/Google to enable this new feature by default.

However, if you wish to go back to the emailing system that has been used in the previous iterations of the P11D Organiser, you can follow these quick steps.

Once logged into the P11D Organiser, go to Admin > Global Email Configuration.

Alternatively, in the reports wizard click the "Settings Cog" button.


In the following window select from the drop down at the top. Ensure there is nothing in the username and password fields, and enter your 'friendly' name in the sender name field.

Then select the Send Test Email button - when the email compose window shows, alter the 'reply to' address to the one you require and send the test email to yourself.

Assuming the email arrived as expected, please remember to click the OK button on this screen to save the new settings.