If your P11D Organiser appears to be 'zoomed in' it might be because your monitor has its scale setting set to 150% or above.

This could potentially mean that some of the features of the P11D Organiser won't be visible to you, as they will be off the screen due to the size of the windows in the Organiser.

How to fix it

There is a setting in Windows which will override the scale setting specifically for the P11D Organiser and shrink it to the size it would normally appear. In order to achieve this you have to close the P11D Organiser and locate the shortcut from which you would normally start it. Then you will have to RIGHT CLICK the icon and select PROPERTIES.

Then navigate to the tab called COMPATIBILITY  and click on "Change high DPI settings".

In the subsequent window check the two boxes and press OK. After that launch the P11D Organiser from the icon you have edited, it should now appear scaled down to it's original size.