In rare circumstances you may see the following message (or with slightly different variations):

Now, there can be various causes for this, and it has nothing to do with our software itself, rather it is related to the environment where the software resides. Based on research, it would appear that the above error is often caused by one of the following (or a combination thereof):

  • Windows Smart Screen is configured to block the application
  • There is a compatabillity issue
  • 3rd party software is preventing our software from running

These issues would be for your IT support to investigate. However, we will list some of the issues below as it may assist. 


Some 3rd party VPN products offer more enhanced security features than simply tunneling a network connection. One we have recently come across, we noticed it caused issues running our product is GlobalProtect:

GlobalProtect has two distinguishing features that could effect the P11D Organiser from running correctly, they are:

If these features are enabled, please ensure that the P11D Organiser is whitelisted.