The P11D Organiser has an option that allows you to password protect a P11D or Benefit Statement that is being emailed. The facility is turned on from the Company Settings area of the Employer Details screen by clicking the edit button and setting Password Protection to 'Yes' (see below)

Passwords are created from 'known' information within the software which only the employee should know. There is no facility for the entry or user generated passwords, although this functionality is available from our Self Service offering.

Once turned on, you can select the make-up of the generated password from a drop down list as seen below:

You can select from Payroll Number, Date of Birth or National Insurance number, or combinations thereof. You need to ensure that the system is populated with the correct data for the password to generate and work as intended.

When the employee attempts to open the attachment, they will be prompted for the appropriate password. Entry of the password is as follows:

  • Payroll number: As stored in the system including leading zeros if used
  • Date of Birth: Just digits in ddmmyyyy format (eg 03/06/1968 is entered as 03061968)
  • NI Number: Letters and numbers only (eg NA668877B)

Combinations are entered as a single string in the selected order (eg for NI_Number+DOB is would be NA668877B03061968).

Password protection is enabled and configured on a per employer basis, meaning each can have their own configuration if required.

Please Note: Password Protection only applies to PDFs that are being emailed, not to PDFs that are being saved to disk.