The P11D Organiser allows you to insert text into both a benefit statement and the covering email (or both). It is important to remember that these elements are both report and employer specific - that means if you enter email text for the P11D Facsimile for Company A, it will ONLY be there for the report/company selection.

Benefit Statements

To add text to a benefit statement

  1. Select the report to which you want to add text (like benefit statement modern)
  2. Click Next
  3. Select to preview the report and click Next
  4. Click on the little yellow notepad toward the bottom left

You can then enter the text that you want to appear on the statement. To save the content for the single report, click the Save button. If you wanted to save the same text for ALL employers in your system, click the little at the bottom left:


To add the email body text:

  1. Select the report that you will be sending e.g. P11D Facsimile or Benefits Statement
  2. Select the Add Text button from the lower left
  3. Enter the text that you want to appear in the email, and then click Save. If you want the same email text to appear for the selected report for ALL employers, click the little button  towards the bottom left. 

Using Mail Merge Tags in Email

You can use mail merge tags in the email content to better personalise the message - the simplest way to add these is from the Tags button in the bottom left whist editing the text

Clicking this button will give you a list of usable field to be inserted in the message:

 There is an example message below with mail merge tags inserted: