New HMRC Compliance

  • P11D Facsimile form based on HMRC template for 2023-2024.
  • P11D(b) Facsimile form based on HMRC template for 2023-2024.
  • HMRC 2024-25 P46(car) Facsimile form.
  • HMRC 2023-24 P11D and P11D(b) FBI submission routines.
  • HMRC 2024-25 P46(car) FBI submission routines.


Legislative Changes

In use for the 2023-24 tax year:

  • The company car fuel multiplier increased from £25,300 to £27,800.
  • Updated lookup tables for NEDC and WLTP rates for appropriate percentages (now harmonised).
  • Locked the Appropriate Percentages for vehicles with no approved CO2 value - 37% for over 2000cc vehicles, 35% for 1401cc-2000cc and 24% for 1400cc and below for Type A and F (4% supplement applies for Diesel cars up to the cap of 37%).
  • Van benefit charge increased from £3,600 to £3,960.
  • Van fuel benefit charge increased from £688 to £757.
  • Advisory Fuel Rates for company car mileage set (effective dates June/September/December 2023 and March 2024)
  • Updated VAT fuel scale charges to add rates from 1 May 2023 to 30 April 2024.
  • Retained van and van fuel benefit changes for zero emission vehicles - 100% of standard van benefit charge.
  • Returned the Class 1A rate to the HMRC figure of 13.80%.

In readiness for the 2024/25 tax year:

  • The company car fuel multiplier remains the same at £27,800.
  • Van benefit charge remained the same at £3,960.
  • Van fuel benefit charge remained the same at £757.
  • Van and van fuel benefit changes for zero emission vehicles - these attract no charge (or £nil) charge.
  • Updated tables to allow calculation of 2024-25 car benefit charge (where NEDC and WLTP rates remain harmonised).

Software Enhancements & Changes

  • Enhanced licence monitoring and usage for licence increases.
  • Facility to hide employers that are closed/not used.
  • Startup check for PAYE references that have no Government Gateway credentials entered.
  • Further enhanced routines to allow systems to be converted to client/server installations for enhanced performance.
  • Remapped function keys and keyboard shortcuts for various features.
  • Added the ability to email FBI submission XML to a specific address.
  • Enhanced functionality to use a cover letter designed and saved in Word (onsite only) or PDF (hosted).
  • Ability to perform mail merge functionality on email text.
  • Removal of 'direct to print', reports are now sent to a PDF on a local browser to simplify printer handling.
  • Added ability to import days unavailable into Section L.
  • Removed 50 car per employee limit for FBI/P46(car) submissions.
  • Removed 10 loan per employee limit for FBI submission.
  • Updated NI number validation in line with HMRC guidance.
  • Moved to latest version of Microsoft Data Access Components.
  • Upgraded compatibility for PDF driver to Amyuni 6.5.
  • General bug fixes:
    • Clean-up of various typos and spelling errors.
    • Resolved a number of minor navigation related issues.
    • Ensured compatibility with both Windows 10 22H2 and Windows 11 24H2.

Hosted/SaaS Enhancements & Changes

In addition to the above:

  • Changes to the UI for DataExchange.
  • Update look and fell on
  • Added functionality to mandate SSO or 2FA on accounts.
  • Enhanced integration between DataExchange and P11D Organiser for file navigation.
  • Further improvements to the report printing and previewing functionality.