We have noticed some customers trying to move their P11D Organiser systems 'to the cloud' by simply moving their installation to GoogleDrive, OneDrive, DropBox, SharePoint or similar - and then trying to 'share' the installation with their colleagues. 

To cut to the chase: THIS WILL NOT WORK.

The systems detailed above work by keeping a local copy of files on your PC, and then 'syncing them' with a copy that is stored in the cloud. So, when you change something in a file, the system waits until it is 'stable' and then syncs it to the cloud. These types of systems are usually used by single people or small groups to share files or documents, where you make a change and then someone else can view the file and see your changes.

The P11D Organiser is a database application that constantly reads and writes data to the database and to files contained in the application folder, given the explanation above, when you are using the software, the files are in a constant state of flux, meaning they are not getting 'synced' very frequently - that will only happen when the files are idle.

This means the cloud-based version is out of date with your local copy, meaning that if another user tried to look at data, changes may not be there, or they may get errors related to missing resources, depending on how much 'syncing' has occurred.

To have multiple users accessing the P11D Organiser, the core application and data MUST be stored on a traditional shared device - that is a Windows share, a NAS box or shared storage device - but essentially a traditional SMB (Server Message Block) share.