The P11D Organiser has functionality to make a direct connection with a number of payroll solutions. The purpose of the connection is to directly extract and refresh employee and employment data. Existing employer and employee records held within the partner payroll system can be automatically created and maintained in the P11D Organiser system.

Partner payroll systems currently supported

To update an employer within P11D Organiser with information contained in its linked payroll system, you have firstly to select the employer and then use the "connect to payroll " icon  from the View Employer's List Screen.

Connect [xxxx] to other systems


Adds new employers using existing connectivity to the chosen payroll system.

New (Right Click)

This allows you to add new companies from a brand new connection to another payroll system.

Used to establish the initial connection to the SQL server used by the partner payroll system. The settings will require:-

• Server name/address

• Logon ID

• Password

Connect (Right Click)

Click here (right click) to connect a new company in P11D Organiser with a Payroll contained in an external system.


Resets the connection.


Synchronises the payroll system and P11D Organiser system databases for employee data. This includes any subsequent changes to the employee records in the payroll system that would need to be updated in the P11D system (starters, leavers,changes of name, address etc.)

Release - Click this button to release a previously connected company. You need to do this if you want to link a company with another payroll system.

Recall - Click this button to go to the Recall Deleted Employees screen

iTrent standard field mapping

The screenshot below confirms the standard field mapping between the MidlandHR iTrent system and P11D ORGANISER - these are the fields that you can expect to be populated after the initial connection and any subsequent refresh/resynchronize between the two systems.