The system does not have a full audit trail of every change made to the system records but it does have functionality to view a list of employees who's benefit values have been modified AFTER an end of year FBI submission to the Government Gateway. The process involved: -

1. Select the required TAX YEAR

2. Select the HMRC Filing> EOY Filing By Internet - FBI screen

3. Select the M button to create a list of employees that have been modified after the submission  

4. Confirm Yes to the confirmation dialogue box

The resulting employees in the "active lookup" can then be used to create a report/spreadsheet and comparisons made between the EOY reported values and the values currently saved against their records.

5. Reports wizard

6. "List employees with all associated details" report (from 5. Employer reports tab)

7. In the scope select "This Lookup" and report to "Save to file"