When setting up a new P11D Organiser system, many customers import a wide range of cars and their assignments as a 'start point' from which to start managing their employees and the fleet of vehicles provided to them. As the P11D Organiser marks newly imported and assigned cars as 'ready for submission to HMRC', any car assignments that have already been notified to HMRC will need to be marked as such within the system to create a valid start point and avoid them being submitted again. There is a simple process that can be undertaken to mark all cars as submitted within the software before moving forward:

Step 1

Ensure you are at the 'Employer Level' of the software by selecting the Employer Icon 

Step 2

Go to the Reports Wizard at the bottom right hand corner of the screen

Step 3

Select '3. Periodic' from the left menu, and 'P46 (Car) 20xx/20xx' from the report list on the right panel & click "Next" to continue

Step 4

Select 'Everybody' from the next stage of the wizard (Scope) & click "Next" to continue

Step 5

Select 'All Tax Year' from the next stage and click "Next" to continue

Step 6

Select "File" and choose "PDF" as the format and "Finish" to continue

Step 7

Choose a location for the files to be stored (a new folder on your Desktop or similar)

Step 8

The software will now generate a single PDF file in the chosen location and present a dialogue asking if you want to mark all the P46 (car) reports as printed - ensure you answer YES to this.

The system will confirm that the report has been sucessfully saved.

Step 9

You can now check there are no cars ready to be submitted to the HMRC Government Gateway by selecting the 'HMRC Filing' option from the top menu, and then 'P46 (car) Filing By Internet - FBI'. From the dialog that appears, ensure the 'Exclude all printed P46(car)' box is checked, and click "Prepare Submission" at the bottom.

Step 10

You should see a confirmation dialogue that the submission is empty (as below).

If you wish to create or view a report of the records that have been included in this process, select the Periodic report, "P46 (Car) Movements by Employee REPRINT" which will confirm all the car change/movements records:-

Click NEXT

Select Everybody:

Click NEXT

Select the period required or All Tax Year to recreate same report

Click NEXT

Select Save to file and PDF


Select file location to save the file

The PDF will be available in the selected location to view and below is an example of how it will appear and an explanation of the document.

Having now created this clear demarcation, any subsequently added P46(car) records will be automatically recognised and sent in any subsequent P46(car) filing by internet returns that are made. These subsequent "car movements/changes" will include records for; replacement cars, cars withdrawn and cars provided for the first time.