The P11D Organiser has functionality to make a direct connection with Pegasus Opera. The purpose of the connection is to directly extract and refresh employee and employment data. Existing employer and employee records held within the partner payroll system can be automatically created and maintained in the P11D Organiser system.

Downloading the connector

Firstly, locate the help button at the top of the Organiser and navigate to "About P11D Organiser" -> "Software Live Update". You can also press the "F2" key on your keyboard.

In the following window select the payroll system that you want to connect your P11D Organiser to. The system will then ask you if you want to download the connector. 

Setting up the connection

Once the connector has been downloaded locate the "Connection to payroll packages" button to open the payroll connection screen. This button can be found in the column on the left-hand side of the Organiser.

In the following window make sure that you have selected the correct company. Then Right-Click the "Connect" button to establish a new connection. 

Input the path to the Payroll server in the "Look in" box and click "Find Now". Highlight the correct file in the "Search results" and press the "Ok" button. 

This should bring up a list of payroll names that you want to connect to the company. Tick the "Add New" checkbox to add the payroll to the company and then hit "Connect". The system will ask you if you want to confirm the connection, simply answer "Yes".

Finally, the system will then ask you if you want to update the employer with the information from the payroll connection. Answer "Yes" to the prompt and the system will fill the employer record with employee information.