When logging into the P11D Organiser you are able to select the tax year in which you wish to start working - by default the system show the years to which you have had an active licence. By way of explanation, if you purchased your initial licence in 2020-2021, you would currently see

  • 2020-2021
  • 2021-2022
  • 2022-2023

However, if you purchased your initial licence more than 6 years ago, the software would only show the last six years by default - this is largely to ease navigation, but also to aid the respect of GDPR.

Accessing Old Tax Year Data

Unless it has been purged, the data from older years remains available, you just need to extend the drop-down to allow access. To accomplish this, when on the login page, pressing Control + Shift + Page Up will bring up a dialogue that allows you to open another year (it will be the first hidden year).

If you select Yes, the software will close, and on relaunching, will show the additional tax year you selected in the drop-down. 

This process can be repeated to open up more 'previous' years as necessary.

We would suggest that the list is reduced again when you no longer need access to the old years. To reduce the drop-down list back down, use Control + Shift + Page Down on the login screen in a similar manner.