When sending mail from the P11D Organiser using Goggle Gmail, you sign in and authenticate 'your' Google account. However, many people want to send from a Shared or Group mailbox. Some people may have this set up as a shared mailbox, others as a Google Group, or it could even be its own, fully licenced mailbox with a separate login and password.

However, to be able to 'Send as...' someone else, your account needs to have the privileges to send as that particular account. This is not necessarily the same as being able to access that mailbox - sending is a separate permission.

Google has an 'interesting' way of doing this, which is as follows:

  1. You go to your account and add the mailbox you want to send as
  2. Google will send a mail to that mailbox
  3. Someone with access to that mailbox needs to grant permission (or provide a code)
  4. The account gets added to your Google account as a sending option


Log into your Google account, and select settings cog in the top right corner, then click the See all settings button:

From that screen, select Accounts

On that screen, we will use the Send mail as: setting to Add another email address

You will then be taken to a screen to enter the email address of the account you wish to 'send as':

The site will then inform you about the authentication process and you'll be asked to send a verification email:

The next screen allows you to enter the validation code - you'll only need this if the validation email link does not work.

You will then need to access, or ask someone else to access, the mailbox that you are asking to add - there will be a mail there showing a verification code and a link that can be clicked

Once the link is clicked, or the code entered, the account will be added to your 'Send as:' options in your Google account:

You should then be able to send as this account in the P11D Organiser

PLEASE NOTE: Google does not tell you if you do not have permissions to send as another account, it will simply send the mails from your account.