We are getting some customers seeing an issue when printing from the P11D Organiser - this appears to be most prevalent on Windows Server installs (2012/2016/2019). There are errors such as this:

On further investigation, it appears that the print spoolers have been TURNED OFF on these machines - likely due the advice Microsoft issued in relation to 4 vulnerabilities in their print services last year (CVE-2021-34527).

The P11D Organiser REQUIRES that a printer is installed on the machine and that the print spooler service is running.

As Microsoft have patched the issue and released the fix, you should turn the Print Spooler back on (assuming the machine is fully patched up) to resolve the issue.

Turning on the Print Spooler

From the start menu, open the Services snap-in. From there, locate the Print Spooler service in the list of services, and then confirm that its status is Started. If its status is not Started, select the service and then click Start on the Action menu.