The P11D Organiser uses standard Microsoft database components to allow it to import and export data from Excel CSV, XLS and XLSX documents.

By default, the installer we provide delivers the Microsoft Office Access Database Engine 2010 version of these drivers. To avoid confusion, this is not the 2010 version of Microsoft Office, it is just a component that allows ODBC access for files.

However, Microsoft Office 2010 Extended Support did end on October 13th, 2020, and some customers are wanting to remove what they see as 'unsupported software'.

The solution to this is issue is to uninstall the installed Microsoft Office Access Database Engine 2010 and install the Microsoft Office Access Database Engine 2016 - the Extended Support on Microsoft Office Access Database Engine 2016 is October 14th, 2025.


From the PC in question, open Add or Remove Programs from the start menu, and then locate the entry for Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010:

When located, click on the Uninstall button (you will need admin rights to the PC for this.

Next, you need to install the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016, this can be downloaded for the Microsoft support site linked below:

Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 - we suggest the accessdatabaseengine.exe version.

Once downloaded, you will need to install the application from either the Command prompt or PowerShell (this is to allow us to add a 'switch' to the install command). Start PowerShell, and then enter:

Start accessdatabaseengine.exe /quiet

Depending on whether you have run the command as an admin user, you will be asked to provide rights for the install.

Once complete, you should be able to check that the install has completed successfully by check the Add or Remove Programs list again: