Some of the installations of the P11D Organiser were created many years ago, and the initial installs were handled by an old installer that registered resources and functions to specific users of Windows. Although we have moved to newer, more compliant installers in recent years, there are still systems out there created using the old technology.

Issues could present themselves in a number of ways (e.g. DynoZip errors, printers not activated, Excel issues and Common Dialogues messages), however these can all be resolved by running the latest Workstation Installer on the client machine. The Workstation Installer will ensure all the sub-systems are correctly installed, and all the drivers, printers and utilities are registered for all users.

Locating and Running the Workstation Installer

All installations should have the latest Workstation Installer present - it is delivered as part of the general update process, so all that is needed is to find the application and run it.

Find the location of the P11D Organiser installation by right-clicking on the icon you normally use to start the software and selecting Properties. From the next window, select the Open File Location button at the bottom:

This will take you to the location of the main application - you will find a folder in there named INSTALL, open that and you will see the Workstation Installer (named either workstation or workstation.exe depending on your view settings):

Double click on the Workstation.exe file to start the installer - *** please note that you will most likely need to have Admin rights to complete this part ***

The installer will now open and you will be walked through the installation process. Depending on when this was last run, you may see the screen shown below asking about the next stage - if this appears, click on Repair, and then continue.

Then complete the installation by clicking the Install button:

This should resolve any issues you had with unregistered utilities and drivers.

Note: If you cannot find the INSTALL folder, please follow these steps

Run the P11D Organiser from where you can and go to Help > About P11D Organiser > Software Live Update and select P11D Organiser Workstation from the dropdown.