Please note, to connect a new PC to an existing network installation you will need to run an application that requires ADMIN privileges on the new machine.

The P11D Organiser is a one-time install application, meaning that once installed, no other installs of the application should be needed.

To use the P11DOrganiser on another machine, a Workstation install is needed. A Workstation Install allows the new machine to run the application and connects the new machine to the existing data, while also installing the required pre-requisites for the application to run (.dll, print drivers etc).

To locate the Workstation installer, you must first navigate to the installation of your P11D Organiser installation and find the Install folder.

From a working installation, locate the shortcut, right click, and select Open File Location

Inside that folder you should see a Workstation.EXE file. This is what is needed to be run on the computer you wish to set up as a new user of the software. You MUST navigate to the shared drive and run Workstation.exe from that location.

Upon running the file, it may take some time to launch as it needs to copy itself over your network.

Please follow the instructions below on how to progress through the workstation installer.

If you do not have the Install folder, please see this article: Downloading the Workstation Installer