The list below details the main changes that are present in the 2021.2.1 release of the software:

New HMRC Compliance

  • HMRC approved 2020-21 P11D Facsimile form.
  • HMRC approved 2020-21 P11D(b) Facsimile form.
  • HMRC approved 2021-22 P46(car) Facsimile form.
  • HMRC 2020-21 P11D and P11D(b) FBI submission routines (changes to include modifications for ULEVs and WLTP range calculations).
  • HMRC 2021-22 P46(car) FBI submission routines.


Legislative Changes

In use for the 2020-21 tax year:

  • The company car fuel multiplier increased from £24,100 to £24,500.
  • Implementation of the legislation for ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles).
  • Changes to the appropriate percentage based on registration date (NEDC before 05/04/2020 WLTP after 06/04/2020).
  • Updated the Appropriate Percentages for vehicles with no approved CO2 value - 37% for over 2000cc vehicles, 35% 1401cc-2000cc and 24% for 1400cc and below for Type A and F (4% supplement applies for Diesel cars up to the cap of 37%).
  • Van benefit charge increased from £3,430 to £3,490.
  • Van fuel benefit charge increased from £655 to £666.
  • Advisory Fuel Rates for company car mileage set (effective dates June/September/December 2020 and March 2021)
  • Updated VAT fuel scale charges to add rates from 1 May 2020 to 30 April 2021.
  • Van and van fuel benefit changes for zero emission vehicles - 80% of standard van benefit charge.

In readiness for the 2021/22 tax year

  1. The company car fuel multiplier increased from £24,500 to £24,600.
  2. Van benefit charge increased from £3,490 to £3,500.
  3. Van fuel benefit charge increased from £666 to £669.
  4. Van and van fuel benefit changes for zero emission vehicles - these now attract no charge (or £nil) charge.
  5. Official rate of interest decreased from 2.25% to 2.00%.

Software Enhancements

  • Further Improvements to file mapping screen that is used during importing data.
  • Improvements to facilities to edit HMRC/Government Gateway details (added to the Employer screen).
  • Re-worked import notifications to streamline and clarify messaging and functionality.
  • Improvement to the handling of both XLS and XLSX files.
  • Addition of multiple tab support for Excel files.
  • Improvements to the P46(car) routines to allow re-submission of cars where essential information has changed (price, CO2, Fuel type etc).
  • Removal of messaging related verifying a car is electric.
  • Improvements to employer logo management and handling of missing logo files.
  • Revisions to reports to reflect legislative changes.
  • Improvements to the software update routines to improve performance and completion of software updates.
  • New wallpapers and logo to reflect new branding.
  • Improved version control to limit updates to specific version/releases.
  • Implemented architecture for enhanced client/server support for home working environments.
  • Bug fixes - 
    • Improvements to manual car entry screen to avoid 'ghost' vehicles.
    • Improvement of the handling of PNG files for employer logos
    • Clean up of various typos.