As the system requires registration numbers on vehicles to be unique, the are three ways of dealing with personalised/cherished number plates (see below). It is important to note that HMRC do not require the use of actual registration numbers when filing a P11D or P46(car) report.

Option 1 - Make each Registration Number Unique when you know it is a private plate.

We recommend that you use a slightly different registration number when adding the details of the car, e.g. use ABC1(1), ABC1(2), ABC1(3) etc. instead of the actual number of ABC1.

Option 2 - Edit the existing car's registration and use the actual registration for the new car

From the employer screen, select the Company Cars section:

Choose the existing vehicle that you with to edit:

Edit the registration number by adding something unique - like Regno(1):

When you click save, you will be presented with a confirmation of the change:

Select Yes then go ahead and add the replacement vehicle with the correct number plate.

Option 3 - Auto Generate Registration Numbers

You can use the "Auto generate" button which create a unique system generated registration number. When creating the new vehicle, check the Automatically generate registration number box at the bottom of the screen. This is a simple option but can make identifying cars more difficult.