Q. I have an employee that needs we need to assign two cars to them as they have access to both for a period of time. The P11D Organiser reports that there are conflicts due to availability dates. Is it possible for an employee to have two cars registered against them for the whole year?

A. Yes - It is possible to assign more than one car to an employee, the software is by default trying to maintain exclusive use of "Main company cars" and will not allow car records to overlap allocation dates. The way to resolve this where a user has 2 or more cars running simultaneously is to add the extra car records as an "Additional Company Car" - this relaxes the date rules.

Select the car type as an Additional Car

and enter the rest of the information as normal. If you are importing the information, use the equivalent import routine to achieve this - see our help article on Importing Data.

The saved/importing records will then display as both available including any overlapping FROM & TO dates.