General and Background Information

It is recommended that all users use the data backup option as part of the standard importing process. This will then provide a restore point should you need to return to this point in the future. This is recommended to be used routinely for users that have the system installed on local machine “C” drives.

Non hosted customers can also choose to send an anonymised copy of their local data directly to PAS's secure website for both support and disaster recovery. This can be sent via HTTPS or e-mailed to PAS where off-site backup is provided.

Note: Your user will need to have the System Admin role applied to them within the Organiser to do this - please refer to the Security guide for further information on this. You do not need to use the Admin logon.


The system provides a back-up routine to extract and backup of all P11D Organiser data by creating a compressed archive (ZIP format) of the data files within the software. On this screen you also have the facility to schedule the system to prompt the user to use the backup facility. 

The user can be prompted to run the backup:

  • Once
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • or on a user defined date

We strongly recommend that backups are taken on a regular basis, particularly before the following routines are performed: - Installing Updates, Data Importing or globally deleting data.

An offsite backup routine can also be used to securely send your P11D data to the P11D Organiser website - please see here for further information.

To select this routine go to 'Admin' on the title tool-bar and select 'Backup P11D data to ZIP” 

You then have the choice of either a local backup or an offsite cloud backup to the website.

Backup Screen

The screen confirms what folders/files are included in the backup and the location of the zip file will be placed. You have the opportunity to add a description to accompany this.


The system provides a routine to restore data that has been previously backed up. To select this routine go to 'Admin on the title-bar and select 'Restore P11D data from ZIP” - Select any of the previously backed up data zip files displayed by selecting using the “Restore from” drop-down selector.

Once a zip file has been selected the system will display a confirmation screen and request that you enter your user password.

Press the OK button the system will restore previously backed up data. After a successful restore the system will shut down & you will need to log back in again.